About Us

In 1999, Guy Bleyaert and Katty Galloo created a webdesign, film and television advertising Production Company Macromovie Media Productions in Belgium where they and other directors could create ground breaking commercials. In 2005, Guy and Katty expanded the company by producing feature film productions and started working in partnership with other independent passionated filmmakers. The headquarter of Macromovie Filmworks was based in Belgium . Macromovie Idependent filmstudio. With as lead Ceo and director Guy Bleyaert, Macromovie Filmworks has established a reputation for excellence and innovation that is revered throughout the independent film industry.

Independent film productions

The company offers accurate scheduling and budgeting services, as well as comprehensive booking of locations, local crews, facilities and equipment. Guy and Katty will oversee and personally ensure the success of your production. Our company is open to partnerships and we can offer several possibilities.

- Production assistence for feature film , commercial film, music videos and documentaries.
- Own studio and equipment.
- Car and motorbike rental service with car handler on set, planning, transport and production assistence.
- Follow cars, low trailers and Pick-up cars.
- Providing on demand stunt or crashcars for action.
- Providing Police or Swat team and outfits according demand
- Providing blank shooting automatic weapons and pistols for real time action. (only with instructor on set)
- Location hunting in Europe on demand.
- Set building on demand.
- Prop creating and mastering.
- In house dressing and art design studio.

Over the years we have worked with the important clients and production companies, having produced company commercials, features, documentaries and music-videos.
Our leading full production house offers a complete range of services for all types of projects offering you the following exclusive advantages: We save your time by multibidding in several countries part or our network, always looking for the best location for the creativity and the budget. We are on the job with you from the pitch, through the shoot, all the way to the wrap. We are a production service company in the continent with it's own local staff in each country Biggest location library of Europe where you can find those clone locations, that allow you to shoot all the scenes in a shortest time Exclusive scouters in-house Exclusive casting in-house Tax saving on those items were the VAT is non refundable